Our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit substantiates stringent environmental norms in totality where we carry-out our prime activity "Recycling of Lead Acid Battery Scrap & Smelting of Lead Concentrate" to produces Lead Ingots & Polypropylene Chips/Granules.

We are the largest producer of Lead Ingots and Polypropylene Chips in Sri Lanka, which is produced by Recycling of Lead Battery Scrap (ISRI- RAINS) & Smelting of Lead Ore / Concentrate. The company is collecting Local Lead Battery Scrap through-out the country.

We have been operating in Sri Lanka for last 9 years and during this period we have made a mark by offering our worldwide recognized products that meet the international standards on qualitative grounds.

We are committed to providing the Clients with a competitive advantage through a continuous process of quality advancement in all areas of our performance. Such commitment is evinced by our well established formalised Quality Management System accredited with ISO.

Our presence in Sri Lanka is since 1999 as Navam Lanka Limited, which is a limited liability Company incorporated in Sri Lanka having registered office and manufacturing facility at Plot- 27 A Mirigama Export Processing Zone, Mirigama (Distt.- Gampaha), Sri Lanka. The Company is 35 km faraway from Bhandarnayke International Air Port & 55 Km from Colombo Sea Port. The company was awarded a status of Board of Investment of Sri Lanka (BOI) Company under section 17.

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